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12 Months Premium Warranty

12 months premium warranty

The price of our 12 months premium warranty:

  • $50: Any turbos 

Our premium warranty covers all points of damage, where as manufacture warranty will not cover you unless it’s a factory fault.

As part of our premium warranty we provide range, we cover all points of failure and damages to the turbocharger, we will ship you a replacement unit at NO extra cost.

Pictures will need to be provided to us along with a detailed description of the damages. (Email:

For the warranty claim, you will need to have the turbocharger fitted by a licensed mechanic. We do not cover home DIY repairs. Also, no modifications are allowed to be made to the turbocharger, these must be installed as standard and boost settings must be left as manufacturer required.

We thank you for choosing our premium warranty and we hope we have provided you with great customer care.

Why Do We Offer This Service?

We offer this service here at CCT TURBO because we like to make a point of difference, we strive on not only having good customer relations but we want to have happy customers. It’s our job as professional turbo sales team to be able to help you with all your questions.

How Can You Upgrade To Premium Warranty?

We offer premium warranty option under every turbo listing, just simply choose it when you place the order online. (see instruction below)

You can also pay the premium warranty separately by clicking HERE.

Please Note: This warranty is limited to the parts only and not cover any labour fee for fitting the product.