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Best Option For Your Nissan Navara D22 ZD30 & YD25 Turbo Replacement

The Nissan Navara D22 made was debut in the early 2000’s, packing a non-intercooled ZD30 Turbocharged Engine, the Nissan Navara kept this shape till late 2014 because of its good name as a workhorse.

But Nissan made one small change, The engine, we saw the ZD30 shrink downs to an intercooled 2.5L YD25, With a completely different turbocharger.

But why?

The ZD30 was a good size engine with is 3.0L capacity, but it had one let down, The pistons were prone to melting, this saw a lot of Nissan customers unsatisfied and saw the Nissan name in shame.

The Nissan Navara ZD30 also had one more fault, the takeoff was very laggy and customers found themselves riding the clutch to take off which resulted in lots of clutch wear.

Now here at CCT TURBO, we have worked hard on creating a turbo to help some of these problems, now we do sell an off the self-replacement turbocharger for Navara D22 ZD30. But we also sell a billet replacement turbocharger that flows 10%-12% more airflow over standard and brings your boost and torque curves on much earlier in the rev range, helping save your clutch and the extra airflow will help level out the Air/Fuel mixture to help prevent the pistons melting. We also recommend a full 3 inch exhaust system to help get those gasses out as quick as possible to keep temps down.

Now we're not finished just yet, In late 2006 Nissan updated the Navara with their YD25 Turbocharged intercooled engine, smaller in size but better power, no more melted pistons but still the same laggy take-off.

Sound’s bad right? No, because we stepped up to the game once again and have made a billet turbocharger for this model too! With the same benefits as the previous one mentioned, now don’t get too confused.

The D22 Nissan Navara may only have one model but it has 2 engines, one is YD25, another is ZD30, so when making your selection on turbochargers make sure you know what engine your Nissan Navara has!

(1) Below are links to our two styles of Turbochargers for Nissan Navara D22 ZD30 turbochargers:
cct turbo for nissan navara d22 zd30 ht12

Nissan Navara D22 ZD30 Turbocharger (Ceramic Coated Impeller Wheel)


cct stage two turbo for nissan navara d22 zd30
Nissan Navera D22 ZD30 Turbocharger (Stage One Billet Turbo)

(2) Below are links to our Nissan Navara D22 YD25 turbochargers:

cct turbo for nissan navara d22 yd25

Nissan Navara D22 YD25 Turbocharger 


cct stage one high flow turbo for nissan navara d22 yd25

Nissan Navera D22 yd25 Turbocharger (Stage One Billet Turbo)

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