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About Us.

At CCT Turbo, We're Embarking On An Exciting Journey Of Transformation From a Turbo Shop To Australia's First Turbo Factory, Marking a Significant Milestone In Our Commitment To Excellence And Innovation In The Turbocharger Industry. With a Rich Heritage In Turbocharger Rebuilding & Upgrading And a Newfound Focus On Manufacturing, We're Poised To Redefine The Standards Of Performance, Reliability, And Quality In The Market.

Driven By a Passion For Pushing The Boundaries Of Turbocharging Technology, We've Made The Strategic Decision To Transition Into Australia's Leading Turbo Factory, Equipped With State-Of-The-Art Facilities, Cutting-Edge Machinery, And a Team Of Skilled Professionals Dedicated To Delivering World-Class Turbocharger Solutions.

Our Commitment To Australian Manufacturing Is Unwavering. At CCT Turbo, We Always Strive To Keep Everything Aussie Built And Done In-House. From Design And Engineering To Machining And Assembly.

As We Embrace Our New Role As a Turbo Factory, We're Committed To Innovation And Continuous Improvement. From Advanced Design And Engineering To Stringent Quality Control And Testing Procedures, We Leave No Stone Unturned In Our Quest To Develop Turbochargers That Exceed Expectations And Set New Benchmarks For Excellence.

At CCT Turbo, We Understand That Our Success Is Intrinsically Tied To The Satisfaction Of Our Customers. That's Why We Place a Premium On Customer Service, Offering Personalized Guidance, Technical Support, And Tailored Solutions To Meet The Unique Needs Of Each Individual. Whether You're a Professional Tuner, Automotive Enthusiast, Or Performance-Driven Driver, You Can Trust CCT Turbo To Deliver The Perfect Turbocharger To Fuel Your Passion And Drive Your Ambitions. 

Join Us On Our Journey Of Transformation As We Elevate The Turbocharging Experience To New Heights. Experience The Power Of Innovation With CCT Turbo – Where Performance Meets Precision, Every Step Of The Way.