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CCT TURBO Installation Instructions


  • You must ultrasound clean oil feed pipe or replace it with a new one.

  • Replace engine oil and oil filter.

  • Remove all crankcase breather hoses and filters. Check for restrictions, clean and replace where necessary.

  • Inspect the air filter and induction hose. Replace where necessary.

  • Check EGR valve if your old turbo was lack of power.

  • Immobilise engine. Using a clean container to catch the oil, crank the engine over until at least 1/2 pint (300ml) of oil is pumped out of the turbo oil feed pipe. This ensures any dirt or carbon particles are flushed out, which otherwise may damage the turbochargers bearings.

  • Prime turbo with new engine oil

  • Please check oil pressure and fuel pressure.



  • DO NOT use any Sealant or Glue on oil feed, oil drain flange and manifold flange.

  • Ensure cleanliness whilst fitting this turbo. Do NOT remove the oil feed blanking plug until ready. Do not use exhaust sealing paste.

  • Connect the oil feed pipe. Do not allow dirt to enter the turbocharger bearing housing.

  • Before fitting the oil drain pipe, ensure that the blanking plug is removed (where fitted), and crank engine until engine oil flows out of the turbocharger bearing housing.

  • Re-fit the oil drain pipe.

  • check all connections are tight, but do not over tighten.

  • start engine and check for leaks.


Download: CCT TURBO Installation Instructions