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Turbo Diagnostics

It is important to have a diagnostic check before replacing your turbocharger!

  • Check that filter, hoses and pipes are clean and in good condition
  • Check that the fuel injection system is in good condition and correctly adjusted
  • Check that the exhaust system, including catalyst and DPF, is not blocked or damaged
  • Check that the pipework and support brackets are not loose or damaged and that the connections are good
  • Check for any leakages or cracks in the intercooler
  • Check the drive belt, drive belt loose or worn out causing high pitch noise varying with engine speed 
  • Check the EGR valve, EGR valve wear causing clicling noise 
  • Check that air filters are not restricted or blocked
  • Check that engine oil specifications strictly correspond to car manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Check that the oil drain pipe is clean and not restricted
  • Check for excessive pressure in engine crankcase and correct function of engine breather system
  • Check that hoses and joints are in good condition
  • Check for lubrication problems in engine block if oil or carbon deposits are found on exhaust manifolds or in the turbine