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Hyundai iLoad Turbocharger Failure Because of Overspeeding

The turbocharger failure seems to be a common issue for Hyundai iLoad and iMax 2.5L diesel.

We have supplied and fitted many iLoad turbos for our customers and we found that turbo overspeeding is the most common problems that causes turbo failure by damaging the turbine wheel, compressor wheel, bearings and VNT. 

Below are examples of iload turbo overspeeding caused by a restriction / leaks in the air intake system. The turbo is going to try to get requested boost, which makes the wheel over spinning and it kills the trust bearing, turbine wheel and variable vanes.

iload intercooler leaking oil


iload turbo trust bearing iload turbo turbine wheel

We found there are massive in & out shaft play before pulling the turbo apart. As you can see from the photos, trust bearing was worn out, turbine wheel was chipped and variable vanes were damaged.

Here at CCT TURBO, we analyse the original turbo problem before replacing the turbo. Then we repair it accordingly to prevent our customer from having the turbo failed again. You never go wrong with us!

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