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Nissan Navara Power Loss Due to Contaminated MAF Sensor

As most of people know, the map air flow (MAF) sensor can become contaminated with blow-by fumes in the intake, leading to power loss and poor fuel economy.

We supplied a Nissan Navara turbo to a customer last week and after the turbo was replaced by his mechanic, the car still had no enough power. Everything was good on turbo side, then we recommended the customer to clean the map air flow (MAF) sensor. After that, the problem was fixed and customer saved a lot of money to take the turbo off again!

Have been in this industry for many years, we know it is important to have professional diagnostic check before replacing the turbo and it can save you a lot.

The MAF sensor is located between the air filter and turbo, it detects the data of air flow to the engine so the computer knows how much fuel is needed to achieve max-efficiency. If the MAF sensor gets contaminated, it will give incorrect reading to the computer and make the car lack of power.

Nissan Navara power loss due to dirty MAF sensor

Turbocharger failure is also a reason for power loss. If you have the same issue with your navara, please feel free to email or call us.

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