CCT Stage 1 Turbochargers

What Is a Stage 1 Turbo?

CCT Stage One Turbochargers Are Designed Using Slim Hub Technology And Extended Base Tip Design To Help Increase The Flow Rate Of The Turbocharger Without Increasing The Overall Size Of The Compressor Wheel , Our Billet Wheel Is Designed To Be Lighter And Stronger Than a Regular Cast Wheel, Meaning It Will Spool At a Faster Rate As Well As Reducing Pressure On The Bearing System.

Dynamic Flow Test

Air Flow Testing On Our Cimat Flow Bench Has Seen Up To 10% More Compressor Section Volume Flow Gain Compared With Volume Flow Of Genuine Turbocharger.


Do I Need To Tune My Stage 1?

Stage 1 Units Do Not Require Any Tuning Work At All, We Have Made These To Be Used As a Bolt On Item. We Utilise Factory Style Bearing Systems In All Our Stage 1 Units And Because Of This We Set All Our Turbochargers To Factory Boost Calibrations Just As Your OEM Turbocharger Is Set, We Also Advise The Boost Settings To Be Left As Standard If The Vehicle Is Getting Tuned Or You Run The Risk Of Damaging The Turbocharger.

Is CCT Made In China?

This Is One Of Our Most Asked Questions! Our Castings Do Come Out Of China Yes, We Source Our Casting From Some Of The Best Factory's In China. The Rest Of The Hard Work Is Done Here In House, We Assemble From Bare Bones And Balance Them To OE Specifications Then Flow-Test Them To OE Specifications Then Everything Goes Through A Tough QC Check Before It Gets Posted To You!