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Toyota Hilux / Prado 1KD-FTV Turbochargers

Toyota Hilux / Prado 1KD-FTV Turbochargers

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Toyota N70 Hilux KUN26R 1KD / Landcruiser Prado KDJ120 KDJ150 1KD Turbo Chargers 2005-2015

We provide a few options for Hilux / Prado 1KDs, Regular Replacement Turbo, Stage1 Turbo and Stage 2 Turbo. Here are some tips about how to choose the correct turbo.

  • Hilux turbo and prado turbo are not interchangeable, the actuator and flow test setup are different. 
  • Actuator: The actuator we use is from Melett UK, which is the best aftermarket actuator available in the market. If your old actuator is still fine, we recommend just reuse your old actuator, all our turbos are calibrated in house, just need to bolt your old actuator on and it will work.
  • Regular replacement turbo: This turbo is good for just looking for a replacement, 
  • Stage1 High Flow Turbo: This Turbo is designed for plug and play, no other modification or tuning required. It comes with a performance design billet impeller wheel, which has higher blades, slim hub and extended tips. With stage1 turbo, you will feel more response and a bit more power and torque at down low, but there won't be any power difference at top end.
  • Stage 2 Turbo: This turbo is built for tuning purposes, it with bigger impeller wheel, upgrade turbine wheel and 360 degrees thrust bearing. the stage 2 turbo can handle 28-30 psi. Basically, if you are going to do a tune, then stage 2 turbo is the way to go. 

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